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Dear gentlemen & ladies, 

There's a Clearance Sale in my Web Shop.
50% off prints, go get 'em before they're gone. Less than 3 of each.

Most of them will not be reprinted in the foreseeable future, some will not be reprinted at all.

>> Web Shop:

Cheers & have a mellow Sunday!
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Dear DeviantArt friends and followers,

Lately I've spent more and more time maintaining my page on Facebook ( ) than on clicking around here. Feel free to come say hi and connect with me.
If you wanna see what I'm up to, my Facebook page and website ( ) are updated much more frequently than my DeviantArt gallery or any other community you might've spotted me in.
I'm not leaving DeviantArt, but I won't be around as much as I usually am in the future. Best of luck with your adventures with art. <3

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Amazing! Hello, world :)
Thank you for following my work! A lot more coming soon.
If you're on Facebook, come say hi:
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Yo ho ho and a bottle of Molotov!

Our little no-budget music video  (… ) is featured on the front page of one of the most well-known and visited sites on the face of the Internet, The Pirate Bay and simultaneously Red Song is also being promoted on The Promo Bay. If ever there was a time to feel proud of WILDEBEEST's do-it-yourself approach and pro-sharing policy, it's now. Jollies and bottles of rum for everyone!

Oh and there's plenty of pirate booty to go around. Go grab The Loot over at Pirate Bay (see the video description) , it contains everything WILDEBEEST has released so far.

Feeling generous? Then buy or donate to keep WILDEBEEST going:


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The Surreal and Supernatural portrait contest! by mariamism
Listen here, my pretties! We should play a game!
I have recently realized that my portfolio could benefit from more cool creatures and general surreal madness and lately I have not been painting as much as I should, so this contest will be an excuse to put work aside for a moment and play! And lucky for you, it's also a chance to get your face immortalized in a potentially horrible monster version. Yay!

A randomly selected winner will receive a digital painting of themselves in some sort of surreal or supernatural setting (think monsters, ghosts, mermaids, zombies, vampires, angels, people with odd objects growing out of their faces, etc. etc.) All for the price of a few clicks of a button! :)

The contest closes on midnight, Feb 1st 2013, Danish time. A random winner will be chosen and notified soon after.

How to enter:
1. Like the page:
2. Share the poster(… )on your Facebook wall

Come come come and bring your friends!
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WILDEBEEST is my audiovisual brainchild. This summer we shot a music video and now it's up for everyone to see. Check it out:…
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Earlier this year a music video for Red Song by my music brainchild WILDEBEEST( ) was shot in Stockholm, Sweden. After months of waiting and hard work, it is finally finished!
Red Song will premiere exclusively at the amazing KGB Bar & Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, on what some sources say will be the End of the World: 21st of December 2012. Starting at 21:00 we will gather, celebrate and party like never before.

There will be a live screening of the video, and for those of you who wanna buy a limited edition, signed copy of the digipak released earlier this year without paying for shipping, you can buy it there for 50 SEK (7.5 USD). Otherwise check this…. All proceeds will be spent on continuing this independent musical endeavor and bringing you more cool stuff.

Come and have a drink with the actors/actresses and crew that made it all happen, listen to the awesome Tony Naima perform live, and dance on the tables to The Catastrophe Orchestra's Damón Zurawski's killer beats.

Here's a to the promo for the video.

Join us on Doomsday if you're in Sweden!
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My website has got a brand new web shop!
Limited edition signed prints and other exclusive items will be sold there.
Visit the Web Shop:

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Dear People, listen up!
WILDEBEEST, my band, will be shooting a music video in the Stockholm area between 2.and 7.July.
We need extras, actors/actresses and anyone who can help out.

To be in the video you must be punctual, mobile (able to run and possibly break things), and not afraid of the dark.

The video will be about anger and revenge - see it as an opportunity to let out all your aggressions in a constructive manner!

Please spread the word, tell everyone you know!

Send a message to wildebeestband @ if you're up for playing with us.

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Dear Artlings,
It is time for the release of the beest.

WILDEBEEST is my multimedia project and during the past 10 months I have been preparing the launch of its debut EP.
There are 4 songs with accompanying visual material. It's dark, raw, and full of primal energy.
I have been the vocalist, co-composer, lyricist, and occasional guitarist.  

This is something that has taken all of my dedication and fortunately it has become the polished gem I imagined it would be thanks to the talented people I worked with, one of whom is a Grammy winner! ;)
The sound is influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Tool, How To Destroy Angels, Sigur Rós, A Perfect Circle, PJ Harvey and lots of wild love.

On the 6/6 2012 I am releasing the first song with a 'pay what you want' type of setup. On the 3 following Wednesdays each of the other songs will be released as well.

To listen, go to the homepage on the 6/6:

Until then, here are a few previews:……

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Dear friends and strangers from near and far,

I warmly welcome you to my art exhibition at the cinema Zita in Stockholm, Sweden, which will feature some of my adventures with surrealism.

The vernissage will take place on 12th of May 2012, 17:00 - 20:00.
Feel free to bring your friends, family and lovers and to invite everyone you know to the event. Admission is free.
I look forward to seeing all of you.

The address is:
Zita - Folkets Bio
Birger Jarlsgatan 37,
111 45 Stockholm,

- Mariam

Metamorphozes is a collection of artworks by Mariam Zakarian, created in traditional and digital media such as oil, acrylics, digital painting and digital photo-manipulation.
Metamorphozes, meaning changes of form, refers to the changes in appearance, character, perception, function and essence that envelop our human existence and experience. From our thought processes to our emotional and physical reactions and interactions we are in flux as we attempt to understand ourselves and each other. These changes can be positive or negative, physical as well as psychological, but they are always present.
The 8 images in the series are the poetic manifestations of 8 different topics as interpreted by the artist. The topics range from death and ecstasy to communication, to the process of creation.

Link to the Facebook Event:…
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My first Daily Deviation (for The Lilith Effect… ) came out of the blue a couple of days ago. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to look at my gallery, comment, add my artwork to their favorites and follow my future submissions. I'd like to personally respond to each of your interactions, but over 900 messages in my inbox make it a quite impossible task! Rest assured, it's very appreciated.

Cheers, and have a beautiful day!
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Life is grand. Debut EP for Wildebeest is out soon, we're in the final stages of mixing and will soon turn to mastering and printing. I'm working on the album design. Stoked. Some great stuff is coming your way soon, be prepared!

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I am changing my frame!
From Sept.1st this year I'll be living and studying Art History etc. in Stockholm, Sweden for a year.
If anyone from the area wants to get together and do some creative projects, feel free to shoot me a message.

Also, if anyone knows someone who's offering an apartment I can rent for a year or just temporarily, please let me know!

Cheers, artlings.
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So, I'm really into chocolate muffins. You know, the kind that has little bits of chocolate in it that melt in your mouth while you feast on its soft, puffy muffin-flesh. There's such perfection in a muffin; its little round shape nested there in the delicate paper muffin cup with the top part rising up all exposed. Begging to get bitten, devoured, to please all your taste buds!

Sinfully delicious, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The reason for this journal is that I've recently had a number of people ask me if they can use some of my artworks for their blogs, magazines, resumés, etc.
I appreciate the interest and honestly feel flattered every time someone asks about that, but I can't allow free use of my work, (unless I've explicitly stated otherwise in the description).

I take my work seriously, I spend time, energy and money on it and even though I know most people who ask me have good intentions, it is wrong to assume that something which has monetary worth can be used for free under any circumstances.

Artists make products just like any other professional does; an engineer sells his knowledge and skills in his profession, an artist sells her knowledge and skills in her own.
And however much I would love it to be otherwise, it's unfortunately a fact that in this world nothing is free.

Therefore, please respect the rights of artists and allow them to create without the fear of being ripped off. Contrary to popular belief, we need to eat too! Chocolate muffins, preferably.

Having said that, I am open for commissions and if you're looking to get a personalized tattoo design, illustration, photosession or something else, do feel free to contact me at:

Cheers, everyone!
The chocolate muffin whore.
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Hello, artists!

For those of you who happen to be situated in Denmark in September/October, I'm having an art exhibition in the city of Aarhus.

Admission is free and the place will be open on weekdays from 8am to 3pm until Nov.7th.

The opening will take place on Sept.7th from 2pm to 6pm(local time) and you're invited to come and hang out.

Most of my traditional art, as well as some of my digitals will be on the walls. There'll be a laid back atmosphere with music and free cake for all the nice boys and girls.
So come have fun, spread the word and bring your friends!

La Kantina(Aestetisk Kantine) - building 1585, Langelandsgade 139, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

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Finally, my website is here for your pretty little eyes! If you find any bugs, please let me know. :)
Mad props to my superbuddy Anders :iconaciddotdica: for making this happen.

Welcome to Mariamism --->
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To all the confused people out there who think they've come across my gallery here under a different username:

I have a different gallery here on deviantArt under the username 'killadore', which I've had for many years. I simply grew tired of the username and decided it was time for a fresh start here.

I'm now in the process of moving my deviations from the previous account to this account. Once I'm done, the other account will be closed down

That was all,
enjoy the spring, everybody!
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